Monday, April 9, 2012

An Artful Adventure

A new friend reached out by way of this blog to introduce herself.  She was my friend before we even met. I looked for her messages as a kid looks forward to a letter from a pen pal. Because she is a writer, her notes are like short stories, full of colorful language and images, taking me on a travels down back roads and byways. She is open and funny and as genuine as they come.  Her name is Candice Ransom, and she makes every day an adventure.

We spent a lovely spring day shopping at the Goodwill store, eating lunch at Goolrick’s Pharmacy, and taking pictures at Chatham Manor.  This small gathering of two new friends provided inspiration and encouragement for me in a most unexpected manner.

I am a gal who follows the rules.   I like control and structure.  I am most comfortable without conflict. This propensity shows itself in my pictures. Still life photography affords me the opportunity to proceed slowly and cautiously.  I can arrange my subjects just so . .  . and toss out anything that is not pretty. I hope that my images bring a smile, a sweet memory, and a grateful heart.

Candice is always searching for a story – not necessarily the story that can be told from looking from the outside at something, but the one that can be told looking from the inside out.  She loves things that are old and rusty or beat up and neglected.  She notices things that I might not see at all.  And she has no compunction whatsoever about wriggling her way into old buildings or using a little Southern charm to solicit a picture taking opportunity.

terra cotta pots

This artful day inspired me in two ways.  The perspective of a new friend opened my eyes and heart to new pictures waiting to be made – images taken with abandon and spontaneity, images that are positive and uplifting without needing to be pretty, and always more images that tell stories.  And, though I adore Candice’s writing and photography style, I do not covet her skills.  My time with her only confirmed my belief in myself, as  my sincerity speaks in equal volume to her own, where we are two original works of art.

For twice the fun, today's blog post is a dual effort.  Meet Candice for yourself and 

garden artmeasuring spoons
garden statuarybuttercups

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  1. Amazingly, we both used only two of the same pictures, neither of us could resist posting those measuring spoons! Love the buttercups in the whitewashed frame, and the texture of those pots...yes, the spring pretties are the perfect foil for the old grubby stuff, like you and me. (guess which one's old and grubby!)


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