Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Simply Beautiful Black and White

The relationship between mother and son is a colorful one - a little cajoling, hundreds of hugs, giggles and guffaws, frustration and amazement, respect and awe.   The great thing about a black and white picture, with all the color and distraction stripped away - all that remains is the love.  This is one of my favorite photos taken on a Mother's Day years ago when my son was just a little boy.  The image still stirs my heart because this kid's smile lights up the world.  His older brother has the same smile though he seldom consents to allow his pathological picture taking Mom to get a snap shot . . .

Thank you to Kim Klassen for the encouragement to experiment with black and white photos 
and for the soft and subtle texture, Awaken.

Mother and son

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  1. Beautiful! The love comes through loud and clear!


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