Saturday, March 31, 2012

Searching for Little Scarlet

More often than I care to admit, I find myself falling into the "I should be working . . ." trap. But, in order to keep my creative spirit renewed and refreshed, I require a little pampering from time to time.  Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way, claims "creative living requires the luxury of time, which we carve out for ourselves - even if it's fifteen minutes." I am all in favor of a little treat . . . a trip to my favorite second-hand store or thrift shop, time to read, a walk, or sitting side by side with my sweet husband watching an old episode of the Waltons.
Luxuries need not be expensive or grand, and what gives each of us joy is a very individual matter.  Here begins my hunt for Little Scarlet.  Little Scarlet is a strawberry jam made by Wilkin & Sons Ltd. - "By Appointment To Her Majesty the Queen Jam and Marmalade Manufacturers."  Little Scarlet is made from Fragaria virginiana strawberries grown in fruit fields near the village of Tiptree in Essex in England. Little Scarlets, named for their color and size, have a short growing season and a pound of them takes five times longer to pick than a pound of regular strawberries. These facts account for Little Scarlet's limited availability. The jam prepared with these sweet little berries is divine but expensive - about $12 a jar at our local grocery store in the aisle with imported items.

I did my grocery shopping, filling the cart with all the  must-haves, and circled back to the specialty row.  Nestled among the ordinary jams and jellies, I spied Little Scarlet.  I held the jar in my hand and put it back. Then I picked it up again, put it down, and picked it up.  A little hem and haw . . . Oh, what the heck, I bought the jam.   Whether on an English muffin for breakfast to start the day or on a scone for a mid-afternoon snack with tea . . . this little luxury gives me joy.

tea and scones

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  1. I know where you bought that luscious jam. You didn't pitch one single fit in that store, either. So go ahead, have another scone with Little Scarlet.


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