Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Truths

The  latest challenge from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class - write 10 truths about me and add a photo to tell the story.  Fresh eggs . . . new beginnings . . . all natural . . . organic . . .cozy nest . . . warm heart. . . looking forward to spring . . . 

eggs in nest
  1. I have been married to my sweetheart for 30 years. He wholeheartedly supports me always.
  2. I have two sons, 10 years apart, who are almost 15 and 25 years old. They are the light of my life and my most dear blessings. They are alike in temperament and appearance but different in their passions.
  3. I am a great believer in fresh starts, new beginnings, and the power of forgiveness and grace.
  4. I love the f- words:  faith, fun, food, family, fitness, friendship.
  5. I have a naturally sunny disposition – though my life has not always been so sunny. Both my husband and are cancer survivors.
  6. My favorite hobbies are sewing and quilting, running, photography, cooking, reading, and gardening.
  7. I have a southern country accent.  My youngest son takes great pleasure in teasing and mimicking me.
  8. I most always finish what I start.
  9. My favorite clothes are my pajamas
  10. I believe that most of what is truly important in life can be accomplished by just showing up.


  1. Love this image and reading about you! It's so nice to get a glimpse of who everyone is and what they're all about. I still have to do min.

  2. Love the image....Nice to "meet" you.

  3. Thanks for sharing.....Love the image!

  4. beautiful photo. it is amazing reading everyone's list tonight. It is nice to meet the people we are sharing this Beyond Layer journey with!

  5. now that's my kind of table. love it!! thanks for sharing your truths.


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