Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sweet Christmas Memories

At Christmas time, my grandma kept a wooden bowl filled with nuts on the dining room room table.  As a child, I was fascinated by the special tools that went along with the nut bowl the nut cracker and the pointy little sticks used to pick out the crunchy nuts. As we sat together, catching up on the details of life, she carefully cracked open the nuts and shared these delicious treats with me. Grandma would talk about her plans for the shelled nuts maybe they would end up in a poundcake or a pie or maybe we'd just sit and snack a while longer. She grew up in a generation where nothing was taken for granted and the simple pleasure of nuts was not to be overlooked.

I happened upon a handmade wooden nut bowl at a local thrift store recently and decided to introduce my family to this tradition.  It occurred to me that my son might not even know the different types of nuts, might not have ever cracked open any kind of a nut (other than perhaps a peanut), and might not want to miss out on this treat! I purchased a bag of mixed nuts walnuts, hazlenuts, Brazil nuts and pecans - along with a nut crackers and picks and placed the whole works on the coffee table in the den. Now it really feels like Christmas . . . because Christmas, this time of celebrating the love that came into this world with Jesus, is really all about gracious giving.

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