Saturday, December 17, 2011

Every Ornament Tells a Story

The joy of trimming the Christmas tree comes from the stories told by each ornament. Whether the handmade macaroni star spray-painted gold or the lovely vintage red ball, Christmas memories come along with each ornament. We have been slow to decorate our tree this year.  The tree is in it's stand, the lights are twinkling, but so far there is only one ornament the beautiful yo-yo tree crafted by a dear friend.  As we headed out for errands today, we lamented our slow decorating efforts. My 14 year-old son jokingly declared, "This year we're going for quality over quantity!"

Continuing with Kim Klassen's 12 Days of Texture, this photo features the texture, More Magic for Day 6. The beautiful and subtle words adorning the picture are like hidden treasures among the tree.


  1. Just gorgeous and wonderful pairing of image and texture!

  2. This is simply lovely! Kim's texture works so beautifully with your capture.'ve got one smart son :)


  3. So pretty!

  4. Well, if there had to be only "one" ornament, this one would be the perfect "one". It's very beautiful and so is your image of it and your use of Kim's texture. :)

  5. You are good at using these textures. I don't find it easy to do them justice. To us trimming the tree is what one does on Xmas Eve, so you have got a whole week in hand :-)


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