Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Rustic View

When we were kids, my family often took vacations by car. As we traveled, and asked the inevitable question, "How much longer?" my father would cheerfully encourage us to sit up and "look at the scenery." I am sure he could not imagine why we complained and whined about being bored.  From his vantage point, driving along back roads and byways, the view was so beautiful. 

Daddy had no formal education or great wealth, but he knew the secret of how to have a happy life. He loved the journey of life, and he always made time to look at the view. As an adult, I now appreciate his wisdom. I am tired of being so busy all the time . . . moving from one activity to the next as though life were a race.  It's time for a new goal . . . to look at the view.  

I spent the last few weekends with my sweet husband visiting local Civil War sites and photographed these gorgeous old barns.  Please enjoy the view . . . 

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