Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Change of Perspective

Sometimes, okay truthfully, most of the time, I am incredibly picky about my photos. I strive for my pictures to be tack sharp, well lit, and creatively composed. I often look at a batch of newly shot images and find that I am disappointed with my work.  I work too hard, over think, and well, just plain take the fun out of photography.

Invariably, I go back to those same pictures in a few days, viewing them with "fresh eyes," and most often think, "Wow, these are not so bad after all!"  Such is the case with my Skyline Drive juice can pictures. The background just seemed too plain, and I planned to retake this photo outside later in the fall with colorful foliage as the backdrop.

Today's challenge for Kim Klassen's Cafe was to use a texture to enhance a photo with the requirement that the image contain something RED. So I went looking back through recent pictures . . . and found another solution to my ho-hum background. Using the texture, "And then some," provided just the right touch. A change of perspective was just what was needed!

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  1. Isn't it strange that a disappointing 'film' when first opened, begins to look promising a few days later.
    BTW, the mouse seems to have run off with your picture in this post :-)


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