Friday, September 16, 2011

Texture Try-Out

Up until now I've concentrated on getting a handle on my camera, using every creative feature from controls and dials to lenses and filters to create the pictures I have in mind.  Photoshop and I are not best friends and some days we hardly even speak . . . But I am finally becoming more comfortable with this incredibly powerful tool. While searching for photo inspiration, I came across a wonderful website with beautiful photos that appeared vintage - old and full of character (you know I love anything that is cracked, torn, rusted, or otherwise slightly beat up).

Thanks to Kim Klassen cafe, I am trying out textures on some of my favorite pictures. The theme for this week is "Do." Because I believe that what this world needs more than anything is compassion and forgiveness, I chose a photo that conveys the concept of "do-over." I am the queen of second chances, fresh starts, clean slates. While we may not be able to cover up our mistakes with a simple coat of paint, we most certainly can gain a new perspective and try again with one simple brush stroke . . . This my first attempt at adding textures to photos - using Kim Klassen's Autumn Burst.  

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