Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blueberry Photographer

There are many types of photographers and most of them are fortunate to take pictures of people and things they love.  Wedding photographers are really romance junkies, and those who specialize in family portraits are adept at kid wrangling.  Sports photographers live and breathe the game and seek the action; nature photographers patiently seek pictures that depict wildlife while respecting the habitat.

Among all the niches for photographers, my journey of self-discovery always leads to nature - bees, blossoms, berries and more.  I am grateful to be a blueberry photographer.  Blueberries are healthful and delcious.  As photography subjects, blueberries possess the lovely characteristic of soft muted colors - not just blue - but purple and red and green, too.  They pose perfectly and always smile - or at least make me smile!  Visit Gold Hill Farm to pick your own for the essence of summer.

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